Whole Vehicle Diagnostics – Diagnosing the rest of the vehicle

In order to serve their customers well, today’s technicians need to be ready to deal with any problem that comes to the shop. The customer only knows that the vehicle doesn’t feel right, drive right, or there is a light on. It is up to the technician to identify which system is causing the fault and affect a repair. It could be a transmission shift concern, an ABS fault, or a simple misfire. Technicians need to be ready and have a diagnostic plan. We will explore each topic as we work through real-world case studies from the field.

Attend this class to learn about:

  • How to identify faults in chassis and body controls
  • Diagnosis of auxiliary systems
  • Communication issues
  • Powertrain control diagnosis


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April 05 2018
Buffet will be served at 6:00 pm, followed by training immediately after
Holiday Inn, Route 132 - Hyannis, MA
$87.00 per person

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